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I'm back sob



A lot of Toumaki doodle things

On a sidenote I’ve been really addicted to pedalstage lately, once you’ve fallen into pedal stage you can never get out… 

Yowamushi Pedal 

Toudou Jinpachi : Reikan

Makishima Yuusuke : Alice

Photo + edit : MK

Thanks MK for the photos ! 

It was really fun cosplaying Maki-chan , I made a lot of new Pedal friends ! There were so many YWPD cosplayers on the second day of EOY  //// 

nkrh said:
❝ Hello!! I've seen a few people post pictures of their cosfest loot and a certain manami sticker was always sticking out to me as the cutest... I finally dared to ask one of them who made it ^//P//^... C-Could you sell me some manamis ;w;? And do you have other characters too? ❞

Ah yes ! I’ll have my manami stickers and the rest of hakogaku and sohoku and some midosujisssss 

They’ll be on sale at EOY ! I might post some merch examples later on today hahaha 

Anonymous said:
❝ !! by any chance did you read the manga Seven Days by Tachibana Venio and Takarai Rihito and decided to name your blog after that??? because that's so cute :D ❞

YES !!! Omg finally someone who knows the reference criessss i love you anon

I love Seven Days ! It’s my all time favourite BL manga , the drama cd for it was hella great , Nakamura Yuuichi and Fukuyama Jun fitted Seryou and Yuzuru perfectlyyyyy 

Takarai Rihito is one of my art inspirations ; _ ; ) 9 

Maybe I should actually upload stuff that’s related to Seven Days….would it be ok if I uploaded my cosplay photos hahahaha ;; I’ll do that soon

Anonymous said:
❝ Dear Lord Alice, please teach me how to apply eye makeup, I'm so tired of stabbing my eyes out. ❞

use da pencer 

then u dlaw on u eyerid

maek sam

then steak lesh 


❝ Your artwork in the artbook your Levi my heart omg gerjwpiugergwe The art is awesome. I love your Erwin BUT FUCKING PLEASE YOUR LEVI OMG MY HEART WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ITTT ewkrjggrege It's so beautiful. <3 ❞

Aww thank you /// 

I had a lot of fun drawing Levi for the artbook !! Erwin was abit of a problem hOW TO DRAW OSSANS….weeps

I might like Manami a little too much 

( actually the entire hakogaku yeah ) 

arakita’s prolly scared of dogs right 


Fukutomi is eating mee pok ( dont ask why idk i just felt like drawing it uh ) 

Chili padi is the worst thing to accidentally get in your mouth when you aren’t ready