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I'm back sob

I might like Manami a little too much 

( actually the entire hakogaku yeah ) 

arakita’s prolly scared of dogs right 


Fukutomi is eating mee pok ( dont ask why idk i just felt like drawing it uh ) 

Chili padi is the worst thing to accidentally get in your mouth when you aren’t ready

Uploads doodles because I feel bad for not updating very often laughs

Also an update— I fell into YOwapedal hell

quick paint doodle

quick paint doodle

sorry about the lack of updates

i’ve been in an art slump lately and i cant produce anything i like cries 

I might take awhile to do the colour request thing too , I have a lot of deadlines to meet /liesdown

uwaooorghh someone be my personal planner pLEAse



ALL orders have been sent out!!
All confirmation emails will be sent in a couple of hours.

When you would receive your order would be dependent on your courier! The one I used is Singpost normal mail so you can check your country on their website.

I also double checked all the packages with the…

iro-oni said:
❝ To me the most noticeable thing of your art style is the way you color, and the way you color eyes too , a bit like semi-realism or something , don't know how to explain but I REALLY FREAKING LOVE IT *A* And the fact that when you do fanarts, the character is more attractive the way you draw it (WAY MORE ATTRACTIVE) srsly look at that kirschtein thing *A* ❞

!! I thought my colouring style changes a lot but it seems like I was wrong ∩˙▿˙∩

the eyes huh…. I spend a lot of time on colouring them at first but in the end I usually just erase them off and do a simpler one……………………….(☝ ՞ਊ ՞)☝ 

and yes !! The main reason why I love doing fanart is to express them like how they seem like in my head ! ( which includes a lot of flowery backgrounds and less clothes yes yes )

I’m glad you find my kirchsteidiot doodles attractive hahaha /// 

Anonymous said:
❝ Noticeable traits? Super handsome men B) ❞

To match my super handsome face—

chokes on ego and dies (☝ ՞ਊ ՞)☝

I really like drawing pretty men… but because of this my future husband expectations kinda go sky high unreachable hahaha 

( i want soraru as my husband icompletelywentofftopic)

❝ facial features, it's generally sharp angles and small eyes(?) which look like they have bags underneath, but some how it's not off putting and it actually look really great the way you draw it! :) also the way you colour, it's very, smooth? ❞


I have a confession 


soft plushy eyebags that make your eyes look big and pretty 

I wish I had them 

But I don’t , so i have to draw them laughs 

thank you for your input I really like finding out about what people think about my art hahaha